Cohesion refers to the way in which words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs link together to create a text that flows logically in structure and meaning from beginning to end.


Task One
Look at the conjunctions below and insert them into the correct sentences by typing them into the spaces provided. Read each sentence carefully to understand the relationship between the different parts of the sentence before deciding on the conjunction that expresses this relationship. In some cases, there may be more than one possible answer.

Task Two
Now use the knowledge you have gained from Task One to drag and drop these same conjunctions into the right boxes according to the kinds of relationships they express.

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You may also put as and since in the box labelled Time.
Try to limit your use of the connector, moreover, in your writing and choose other connectors that are more natural and appropriate. Moreover is generally overused by Chinese students.

Task Three
Now see if you can put into practice what you have been learning. Read the text below and choose the correct conjunction from each of the drop-down menus

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