Troubled Waters for the Star Ferry One of Hong Kong’s best-loved institutions, the Star Ferry, has plied between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island since 1898. The partly green and white 1950’s and 60’s relics are still used by commuters despite the advent of railroad tunnels beneath the harbour. A ferry ride offers a thrilling perspective on the towering skyscrapers and jungle-clad hills of Hong Kong Island. Take an evening voyage for the harbour’s neon spectacle, especially the elaborate light displays at Christmas.

Pre- listening brainstorning task


Take 2 minutes to read the following questions carefully before you begin the listening task. Now, listen to the article Troubled Waters for the Star Ferry, and answer the questions.

1. What are two things that the speaker says are/have been competition for the Star Ferry?

Sampans, tunnels, cars, buses, MTR

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2. Fill in the table below with information that you hear from the lecture. 3. Select the correct answer. What is the vital role that the speaker says the Star Ferry fills?

11. According to the frequent visitor to Hong Kong, why will there always be a need for the Star Ferry?

You can see where you are going/ seats are available/ its like an institution/ favourite place in Hong Kong

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