In the previous package, we learned that Lily made a learner plan to improve her writing. She made some special effort to develop her vocabulary using the Academic Word List (AWL). Below is a mixed up extract from her reflective journal. Read it carefully. Then drag and drop the sentences to identify the three steps and to make a cohesive and coherent journal entry.

Objects to move

  • Today, I tried to do some online exercises on vocabulary from the AWL.
  • I thought it would be easy as it was just an M/C exercise but I made 6 mistakes out of 10 so I was a bit upset with my performance.
  • However, it was very convenient for me to do the exercises online and I enjoy doing this type of exercise.
  • I don’t think it is very effective if I just go directly to the exercises.
  • It seems that I don’t fully know the words and their functions and collocations with other words.
  • So next time, I should study the words more thoroughly first, check them in the dictionary and try to read aloud some sample sentences to understand how to use these words and their collocations.
  • This might be more effective.
Step Sentences