Instructions: Match the items from the box at the bottom to the empty preference spaces in this table.

Objects to move

  • Add notes
  • Narrative description
  • Rewrite the story
  • Achieve transformative learning
  • Make decisions to change or find alternatives through reflection
  • Analyse the learning experience to deepen understanding of the learning experience
  • Ask “How I might respond to a similar event in the future?” Or “What I would do differently?”
  • Make meaning of the learning experience
  • Ask Why/How it made me feel or why/how I responded to the event or the experience to examine what happened in detail
  • Identify inner discomfort or surprise – “something” makes the experience memorable
  • Make sense of learning experience
  • What happened
Step Purpose Writing Tasks Reflective Thinking Related Learning Outcomes
1 Find the story
          2 Expand the story
                  3 Reconstruct the story