There are various definitions of reflection. Here are a few definitions provided by various scholars. Unfortunately, some key words are missing in the definitions. Complete the definition by dragging the words in the box below and dropping them in the text.

Objects to move

  • affective
  • experiences
  • understanding
  • linking
  • perspective
  • mirror
  • professional
  • improvement
  • development
  • power

1. “Reflection is a generic term for those intellectual and
    activities in which individuals engage to explore their
      in order to lead to a new
        and appreciation.” – (Boud, Keogh, & Walker, 1985).

        2. “The act of reflecting is one which causes us to make sense of what we've learned, why we learned it, and how that particular increment of learning took place. Moreover, reflection is about
          one increment of learning to the wider
            of learning - heading towards seeing the bigger picture.” – (Race, 2002)

            3. “A reflection in a
              is an exact replica of what is in front of it. Reflection in
                practice, however, gives back not what it is, but what might be, an
                  on the original.” - (Biggs, 1999).

                  4. “Learning to learn, or the
                    of learning
                      , is getting better at knowing when, how and what to do when you don't know what to do.” - (Claxton, 1999).