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The Language Features of Academic Texts


This set of self-study materials will enable you to improve your academic writing style and your ability to read academic texts. You will learn more about several typical language features of academic writing – what to include in your writing and what to avoid – and you will understand why academics write in this particular way. You will have the opportunity to practise strategies that help you build up your knowledge of academic vocabulary and, finally, you will be able to improve your academic writing by focusing on one particular language feature at a time.

The package is divided into 4 parts. We recommend you complete each unit before moving onto the next.

Part One The Language Features of Academic Writing
Part Two The Purpose of Academic Writing
Part Three Strategies for identifying, understanding, recording and remembering words from the Academic Word List
Part Four Focus on Individual Academic Language Features


Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
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PART ONE - The Language Features of Academic Writing


Skim the texts A and B below and decide which one was taken from an academic research paper.

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